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Admonition Regarding Material Possessions

Latex and Acrylic paint on drywall
255" X 130"

Mural painted on the occasion of:
October 14 – November 23, 2017
Big Pictures LA, Los Angeles, CA

Orange Mural by Ben Sanders
Green Mural by Alvaro Ilizarbe
Other Work by:
Tanya Aguiniga, Olivia Booth, Melissa Chhan, Doug Crocco, Phillip Estlund, Eben Goff, Ross Hansen, Samantha Jacober, Edgar Orlaineta, Alex Jacob Reed, Ben Sanders, Sophie Stone, Lani Trock, Dani Tull, Dakota Witzenburg, and Bari Ziperstein

More information:

Photos by Josh Schaedel and Doug Crocco