Pot Dealer

2014 – ongoing

Pot Dealer is an ongoing project started in 2014. Various sizes of terra cotta planter pots are painted with unique faces. When they are complete, fully styled photos are taken of them and they are posted to Instagram with a price. The first person to respond to the Instagram post with an email reserves the pot. Prices do not change, no matter who responds, whether it be a big time art collector or a local artist. The pots are priced so that everyone can afford them. Arrangements are made for shipping, or if the recipient is local, they are invited to pick up their pot at the studio.

In 2016, these pots started to be sold on the online studio shop.

Pots are still being made alongside all of the other work in the studio, with over 120 made so far. They have been collected by people all over the world.

Photos by Those People and Ben Sanders